Concrete Engineering have been involved in the design of raft slabs for more than 10 years.

The following are a range of slab options considered:

Following the Canterbury earthquakes, a range of slab designs for Christchurch depending on the liquefaction potential of the site.  These could range from:

  • Conventional raft slabs for TC1 sites
  • Fibre concrete slabs with special reinforcement for TC2 sites
  • Fibre concrete slabs with screw jacks over a jack slab for TC3 sites (system developed by Firth Industries).  With some TC3 sites, slabs fully suspended on piles may be considered.

In some Christchurch houses, the finished floor level has to be a determined height above ground level to overcome flood concerns.  We have experience designing raft slabs with deeper pods or in extreme cases multi-layers of pods.

In Auckland, the main issue is bridging of drains and/or expansive soils.

We have vast experience designing cost effective solutions for bridging of drains and expansive soils.

Finally, rest assured your foundation will be designed by an experienced senior engineer to provide you with the best foundation solution.